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Letter: Republican hypocrites

The latest Republican debate gave us yet another look at the adolescent and pugnacious pack of slogan/sermon-wielding servants of wealth, they call “candidates.” Still comfortably out of touch with anything but the fascist/money-oriented, contrived world of the super wealthy; we were again offered the rhetoric of paranoid fear, hate, racism and war to make us safe.

This, combined with a nationwide desecration/destruction of human services and environmental protections should help their masters continue their corruption/purchase of the American way of life. They spent more time discussing defunding of education than they did explaining how they intend to pay for the massive military build-up and the wars they intend to start. Oh, sorry… they never did quite get to that last part…

In the political background, the traitorous and disloyal obfuscation of the country’s lawful business in Congress and the attacks on the people’s property and civil rights continues. “War hero” Sen. John McCain continues his successful campaign to steal sacred Indian lands in Arizona, (protected by the usual worthless treaties of the past), to sell to foreign corporations for exploitation. Now they’ve passed a law allowing the sale of American oil to foreign nations. “Precious dwindling resource?” Then why are we allowing the corporations to use it as a profit center? Jobs? What a crock.

Mitch McConnell has already vowed to prevent President Obama from appointing a Supreme Court Justice to replace Scalia. All their BS and lies aside, the last “lame duck” president to successfully appoint a justice, was that great Republican, of so long ago, Ronald Reagan. Apparently it was OK, when he did it. There is more time left in Obama’s presidency than Reagan had. Here we go on a big issue. The Constitution clearly calls for the office to be filled, and it is in the nation’s best interest to do so. Solely for political purposes, the Republican Party clearly intends to subvert the process, on the off chance that their man might get to do it over a year from now. Typical, party-first, country-second behavior from these hypocrites.

R.W. Boyle

New Castle

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