Letter: Republicans are pro-woman

Hillary Clinton says “We lose 90 people a day from gun violence.” So we must go after the NRA. Planned Parenthood murders 3,000 babies a day and Hillary says we must give them half a billion dollars of taxpayer money a year. Make sense to anyone?

Pro-abortionists believe “it” is not a baby but just a fetus. With that thinking, Hillary Clinton’s daughter is only pregnant with a fetus. Hillary is the proud grandma to a “fetus.” I wonder if Hillary would support her daughter if she opted for an abortion?

An abortion dismembers the body of a baby inside the womb. The remains are then disposed of by means of a red hazardous waste bag or a toilet.

I once worked at a sewer plant in Silverthorne. The workers were all laughing and called me over to look. There was a huge balloon bouncing along with the sewage. They explained to me it was a condom that was flushed down the toilet. With all the twists and turns the air had blown it up. Since you know where I’m going with this, I don’t need to say it. Sewer plant workers see a lot of things floating by them and it’s not just raw sewage.

This is not a pretty picture, but neither is the pre-birth of a baby that doesn’t have a chance at life.

There are many options for women with an unwanted or an unplanned pregnancy. All you have to do is look in the Yellow Pages. The first listing in any phone book is for “abortion alternatives.”

Democrats say that they are pro-woman and Republicans are anti-woman. The exact opposite is true. Republicans respect life for all races, ages and genders. They respect all life including those in the womb.

If pro-woman is the mantra for the Democrats why are they not also pro-man? Why aren’t men complaining for equal time with the Democrats?

Life is the same for Hillary’s grandchild or any other baby. Life is precious, we have only one life to give.

The pre-born also need respect, not a mere flush.

Judy Campbell

New Castle

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