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LETTER: Republicans would criticize Democrats for acting the way GOP is now

Congressman Darryll Issa teaching Rep. Elijah Cummings how to “sit down and talk things out in a civil manner,” Republican-style on prime time, illustrated the issue perfectly. Looked like standard party tactics to me. Nice apology, too, if completely insincere.

Issa will soon face investigation for his nefarious activities. He is one receptacle for my previous descriptions of sleaze in government.

However, the best craziness of that week was the Republican response to the Crimean crisis (Ukraine). Now, just for a moment, let’s have this president be a Republican facing the imperialistic behavior of Vladimir Putin. The Democrats will be attacking the president as “weak, incompetent” or as that sage John McCain has revealed for us, a paper written by Barrack Obama in 1983 is the root cause of this mess. Can you hear the Republican response? “A failure to support the president of the United States in a time of crisis with our most dangerous and powerful adversary. Disloyal, dare we say traitorous.” (Yes, they would dare.) Perhaps our loyal supporters of the Republican Party can tell us what would be proper terms for us to use regarding the loyal (?) opposition (Republicans) piling onto the president over this issue instead of offering support?

The explanation of this behavior is actually quite simple; as we have seen in the last six years, the party mandate to attack this president is far more important than the well-being of the country. The hatred of this president outweighs all sensible judgment. This latest set of attacks is far and away the most egregious. How obvious is it that this is clearly a time to stand together as a nation? I mean by that, the United States of America, not the hegemony of Koch, Rove and Fox News.

I am most grateful to the gentleman for the list of Koch good deeds, which detail the amount of money it took to get the Republican constituency to overlook the ongoing purchase of the U.S political/economic system. Read Ben Franklin’s quote about liberty and substitute a word or two.

R.W. Boyle

New Castle

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