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Letter: Respect others’ opinions

Steve Smith
Glenwood Springs

Ditto, sign me up, and otherwise associate me with the excellent letter from Laurie Raymond, reminding us that the exchange of opinions is an important opportunity to refine and reconsider our own.

Simple harping that “I am right, and you are wrong” is neither productive nor satisfying. Ms. Raymond reminds us to listen at least as much as we opine, and to transform our conversations into mutual enlightenment.

Opinions are diverse, and many are inherently wrong or at least ill-informed. We don’t necessarily have to agree with all others’ opinions, but we do need to give them the respect of considering their substance, their context and their motivation.

With that effort, it is surprising how often our own views and understanding can be improved.

Thoughtful two-way exchange, whether in daily personal encounters or on our national political stage, is key to erasing stereotypes and to breaking legislative gridlock.

Take time to listen respectfully, then speak thoughtfully.

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