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Letter: Response from an ‘anti-vaxxer’

In response to Nicolette Toussaint’s column from March 21 (“Inoculated against anti-vaxxers by the school of hard knocks,” Post Independent). If Ignorance is questioning what’s being shot into our veins in the form of a vaccine, then I’m wondering what the opposite of ignorance is, since the literal definition of the word means lack of knowledge or information.

In my whole entire life, I have never been vaccinated for the flu and have never had the flu until I took care of an elderly women who gets her flu shot every year and, imagine this, gets the flu virus every year!

Sixty thousand is an awful lot of people who all think and believe the same thing (which by the way is our right as free Americans to do so). Just imagine all the others who stay quiet and don’t speak up for what they believe in because they’re afraid to be discriminated against and judged by people who have to label us and want to segregate children (who are completely innocent in the matter) from schools and public places, all because their parents believe and think something different than you.

In a world where my 3-year-old niece is asked by her preschool teacher if she is a boy or a girl, all because they want to teach children that young that they can choose their own gender; in a world where racism is still alive and African Americans and other people of ethnic and cultural backgrounds are still struggling to be seen as human beings; in a world where women still aren’t seen as equals to men, I think we have bigger problems to try and solve than judging one another for our beliefs, opinions and personal life choices.

Us “anti vaxxers,” as you so graciously see fit to label us, don’t push our beliefs or life choices on you, so don’t push yours on us.

Bethanita Michele,

New Castle

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