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Letter: Response to county reiteration on Four Mile haul route

If you read between the lines here’s what you get from the Dec. 3 article: We the county don’t support Four Mile Road as a haul route, but cannot stop it either. OK, commissioners, you have to set time limits.

Many people live on this road. There has to be regulated/known hauling times since you cannot control the use of this road. How about you support your constituents and set reasonable times? Here’s one example of a reasonable time frame: Ban all hauling traffic between 5-8 a.m. and 6 p.m. to 5 a.m. That gives any hauling use, logging or gas and oil, 10 hours a day of hauling time, and residents can still sleep.

Secondly, it was noted that improvements are being made for safety reasons. Is this true? No new bike lanes, no new traffic calming devices, no real increase or decrease in road sizing and now a directive to straighten the only part of the road that slows people down in the first place. I’ve spoken to fellow Four Mile neighbors, and all believe “dead-mans curve” is a calming device. One neighbor of 34 years has witnessed only two accidents, and the accidents were from driver negligence, not the road alignment. Any traffic engineer will tell you the goal is to slow traffic down, not align a road as to increase speeds.

Constituents and Four Mile residents should be heard. Start listening.

Matt Spidell

Four Mile resident

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