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Letter: Restaurants: Think of vegans

I’m a new vegan. I got here in a roundabout way. First my health care premium was bumped to $850 per month, thanks to ACA. Ouch! Thinking I was pretty healthy, I took a calculated risk and canceled my health insurance policy and went solo. No longer having a “safety net,” I found I was very motivated to totally take responsibility for my health and started doing research. I wound up a vegan. No one is more surprised than me, an Iowa transplant, that I like being (and cooking) vegan better than being a meat eater, and I feel great.

Pretty compelling information out there … starting with Dr. Feinsinger’s plan (http://masterminds4wellness.com/hippocrates-table) and http://www.nutritionfacts.org, or the books, “The China Study” or “My Beef With Meat” and a myriad of others. I nearly cried the first time I looked at the cookbook, “Forks Over Knives.” I slammed it shut and put it away. Now, it’s my favorite “go-to.” There is a transition period, it’s a challenge for sure, but it was worth the effort, at least for me. There is help and support out there.

Anyway, being a vegan and wanting to go out to dinner has been interesting. I have to give kudos to the Nepal Restaurant. They have been catering to vegetarians and vegans for years, and have delightful vegan dishes, along with their meat selections. Delectable food for all.

It has been suggested that we vegans call a restaurant prior to a visit to see what might be offered or if they could whip something vegan up. When I called a local barbecue place they said they had salads and mac ’n’ cheese for the vegans. OK, so there’s a lot of re-education to be done.

Notice to restaurants in town: There is a groundswell of vegans out there and we like to eat out, too. I wouldn’t expect to see the selections on the menu, but it might be a good idea to have something creative for the growing number of vegetarians and vegans out there. And for those restaurants that aren’t aware, maybe educate yourselves on what a vegan is … FYI, we don’t eat any meat products, including dairy (which includes cheese) or eggs. We are out there … and we are coming.

Carol Turtle

Glenwood Springs

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