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Letter: RFSD bond passage needed

The RFSD bond election is fast approaching. This is a very important issue, and there are probably many people living in the district who are not sure why we need to raise this amount of money. Having been involved with the school district as a school board candidate, a member of the Facility Master Plan design team and the District Accountability Committee, I would like to explain some of the critical issues that will be addressed by this bond election.

As an active local Realtor, I know that people are often surprised at how low our property taxes are. Colorado has one of the lowest property tax rates in the country. Most of our school funding comes from our property taxes. This is great for our property owners, but not so great for our school funding.

We should all be concerned that we are losing great teachers because they cannot afford to live here. It has become very difficult to buy an affordable home in this area or find a place that is available or affordable to rent. The bond issue will include funding to build affordable housing for our teachers, which, in turn, will help us keep our teachers in our schools and our communities.

I have heard some ask, “Why would the district build a new school on the 35-acre parcel just south of Orrison Distributing? It is too far out and not enough students live in that area.” In fact, this is one of the fastest-growing areas in the whole district. There are currently 300 kids located in that area who would attend the school. It would also be a great location to build some much-needed athletic fields.

I truly believe that passing this bond election is very important for our schools, our teachers, our towns and, most of all, for our kids. I’ve just mentioned a couple of the important projects included in the bond issue. For more information, go to rfvbondtogether.org. I hope you will join me in Voting yes on 3B.

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