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Letter: RFTA bike fee unfair

It has come to my attention that seniors don’t ride RFTA free if they have a bike. Really? Why?

When I proceeded to put my bike on, was told $2 even though I am 66 years old, a senior, and seniors ride free. The bus trip I planned that day would have cost me $8 for just my bike since I would have had to take four different buses.

So instead I put my $5 lunch money in my gas tank in my beast of a car, skipped lunch at some local business and added just a little more unnecessary pollution to the valley and one more vehicle to the already-congested roadways of Glenwood.

I called RFTA, asked them why I am charged the extra $2 even though I’m a senior and was given many different theories: “Maybe bike racks are really expensive and need lots of maintenance”; “It’s for extra help and delay the bus driver has to give me” (FYI, nobody loaded my bike or took it off or even got out of the bus for this 66-year-old). I have continued to ask this question. My answer from the top: “Because we can.”

So another money-groveling attempt to bleed an already anemic public out of another buck for no apparent reason.

So at the risk of giving RFTA more diabolical surcharge ideas, what’s next, surcharge for wheelchairs or crutches or strollers — or maybe 50 cents per shopping bag and $50 for your suitcase. It worked for airlines.

Needless to say, this doesn’t encourage bus use over personal vehicle, which I thought was part of their purpose. And my dear RFTA, if you want to exploit the public for extra fee revenue and surcharges, forget the elderly, we are already broke.

Louwanna Clark

Glenwood Springs

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