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Letter: RFTA math problems

In a recent PI article, RFTA stated that the Maroon Bells bus system needs to be subsidized $88,000 per year. It also stated that last year, 174,202 people rode the bus. So $88,000 divided by 174,202 is a 50-cent per person shortfall.

In the same article, they are saying 1) RFTA is considering raising the tickets approximately $3-$4 per person, and 2) some families might not be able to afford the new price.

If RFTA raises the price by $3 each (six times as much as the $0.50 per-person shortfall), RFTA will receive more than $520,000 more if one assumes the same ridership numbers – which is a lot more than the subsidy of $88,000 (again, about six times as much). In addition, if one assumes a family of four, the increase is $12 for the entire family, or a total of $32 for them to ride the bus (two adults two kids at $9 and $7 each).

The Glenwood Caverns & Adventure Park charges $50 per adult and $45 per kid, for a total of $195 for this same family of four to visit the park. That’s six times as much as the family bus trip to Maroon Bells. Yet multitudes of families apparently can afford the park.

I’m pretty sure $32 is affordable for a family of four to visit the Maroon Bells. But the real question is this: Where did they come up with the $3-$4 increase? Seems like funny math to me.

Dave Heyliger

Glenwood Springs

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