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Letter: Rifle FB committed no ‘crime’

I found your question for the past week regarding the punishment of the Rifle football team fitting the crime very disturbing. (Do you think the punishment of Rifle’s football program fit the crime?)

This reminds me of the old Vaudeville comedy routine where one person asks the other person, “When did you stop hitting your wife?” Both questions presume that something wrong has been done. From what I read in your newspaper, I understand that the Rifle football team did not commit a crime.

They also did not cheat. They don’t have to. Their excellent coaching staff and talented young men established an outstanding record over recent years the hard way; straight up. They did not even violate a CHSAA policy. According to the articles in your paper, CHSAA at the time did not have a written policy covering people on the sideline.

This whole situation was brought about by a person who was not affiliated with the school. He was just a zealous fan who was attempting to do something good for the team. Unfortunately he used poor judgment when confronted by an official of the opposing school. He lost his cool and smart-mouthed the man. He has been called to task for this, and it has cost him a lot.

To Rifle High School’s credit, when they found out about this situation, they immediately established a policy and a program to prevent it from happening again.

To me a better way to phrase your question would have been to ask “Was CHSAA’s sanction of the Rifle football team justified?” At least it doesn’t presume that they did something wrong.

Just so you know, I do not have any connection or affiliation with any part of Rifle High School. I am just an old guy who moved here 15 years ago and enjoys going to Bears Stadium to watch some great football. Go Bears.

John Troka


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