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LETTER: Rifle pot decision was carefully considered

As a member of the Rifle City Council, I have always been reluctant to express my opinion in this forum about city-related issues. I have felt as if it may be inappropriate. But the letter written by Bruno Kirchenwitz in regards to the retail sales of marijuana has caused me to change my mind.

Be assured that I am only speaking for myself and not any other member of the council. His suggestion that members of the Rifle City Council must have low IQs to have prohibited retails sales of marijuana disrespects the significance of the issue and the very thoughtful concern that members of the council had when studying and deliberating about it. I assure the readers that the decision to prohibit retail sales was not reached for light and transient reasons.

For me personally, I had great concerns about being in conflict with federal law and about the impact on youth in our community. I believe these issues are real, substantial and could not just be pushed aside easily by the thought of future revenue that marijuana retail sales may have generated. I hope that Mr. Kirchenwitz is not suggesting that revenue generation is the only basis by which we decide whether or not something is a good idea. Think of the consequences of that.

This is a serious legal topic with powerful societal implications that should not be treated in as light a fashion as some may be tempted to do. Now, if Mr. Kirchenwitz or others would like to have a discussion about the constitutionality of a political jurisdiction allowing for sales and use of a federally illegal substance, or if they would like to discuss the benefits vs. detriments of marijuana use in our society, then that would be a different story. But, to resort to comments about limited intelligence of municipal decision makers is probably not going to accomplish the goal he may be trying to achieve.

Jonathan Rice


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