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LETTER: Rifle rec center design not impressive

Who designed the layout of the impending Rifle rec center? And who says this is what we asked for?

Are you kidding me, a leisure pool? What fun would that be for the kids and adults of Rifle?

If the designers and residents of Rifle haven’t checked out the rec center the town of Meeker has going on, then I’d suggest everyone check it out soon. Meeker has a fun play pool with slides, a lazy river float on tubes, in-pool basketball hoops, and a hot tub alongside.

I’d consider moving out of Rifle, if a rec center should approved that looks like the design layout we’ve been given.

I urge you all to vote No on D.

Come on, Rifle, you can do better than that. Put some money into our existing skate park or bring something unique to town, such as a roller skating rink or an Airsoft/paintball arena., where real exercise and fun family birthday parties could happen.

Becky Sorenson


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