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Letter: Right approach on pot shops

It was with interest that I read your article “Kind Castle takes pot shop appeal to court” in your Dec. 30 issue. I am very glad that marijuana is legal in this state. The drug war was a failure and was a source of revenue for many law enforcement jurisdictions.

But at the same time, I must commend the G.S. City Council, which voted unanimously, 5-0, to not approve more pot shops in your core downtown area. That is the image that many people who visit your wonderful community for a short time will take home with them.

I work for a touring company based in the Front Range. We pick up our guests from hotels in downtown Denver and take them to Rocky Mountain National Park, Pikes Peak and all points in between. A few guests have told me that they will not visit the downtown 16th Street Mall in Denver because they are constantly approached by panhandlers.

Your City Council is right and doing the right thing. They have to protect the interests of the merchants and offices in your downtown area. Otherwise, people will not want to go there.

Michael Johnson


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