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Letter: Right to life for the elderly

It appears that the right to death is a hot topic these days. Although it would allow for a diversity of ages to tap into this approach, I wonder if the elderly are targeted more. It seems as if insurance companies, mainly Medicare, are now taking it upon themselves to decide which treatments seniors may receive, especially the older they get. I support those who are terminally ill to decide their own death, but when does that choice become the only option for those who are just old?

The senior generation, those over 65, is the largest growing group with some 40.3 million reported by the United States Census Bureau in 2010. This is a staggering figure for Medicare to care for, with the projection of the senior population only growing in the years to come. The right to death would appear to be an ideal solution for a government program, Medicare, to hold onto their money, which is quickly depleting.

It is my belief that the right to death will be the leading choice of the elderly, with more and more cutbacks of medical care offered to those over a certain age. The placement in nursing-home facilities, which I consider death institutions, is also a fear of many of the elderly who may see “right to death” as a better solution. This all seems very cut and dry for the care of the elderly and an easy solution for an insurance company’s bottom line.

One cannot lose sight that our Constitution gives us the right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. There is nothing in the phrase that limits life to a certain age. We have been fighting hard for pro-life for years; now it looks as if the senior generation must also pick up the fight for right to life.

Melody Sebesta

Grand Junction, Colo.

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