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Letter: Rise up, Carbondale


OK 99 percent-ers, rise up. The 1 percent has “schmoozed” your town council into voting down the hard worked effort to turn the old Library into a family-centered blessing by a vote of 6-1 within 15 minutes of discussion and in the face of overwhelming support from the living inhabitants of ‘Bonedale.

They instead approved a closed door lobbying-induced 1 percenter’s proposal for (another) art museum. your representatives, in a deluded state — we all hope — have been swayed by the Aspenite mentality purveyors into believing this town needs more money and less lovingness so as to attract more “up-valley” sterility.

Rise up. Over 300 supporting documents were acquired by the good Mothers and Matrons of this community, and duly presented, only to be slapped in the face at the “approval” hearing with a curt rebuff by your local pawns of the 1 percent. It’s your chance now … those who really cared poured their hearts into the effort, and are understandably “spent.”

Rise up! Tell ‘em to insert their “museum” and all that lobbyed mindset all the way upvalley to the rightful (orifice), Aspen. Insist on family over fame. Get on Twitter and rally. Throw ’em out. Or, at least let’s get whatever needs to be done to get things back to attracting quality people rather than tourist dollars. Let the lobbying crowd get a billionaire to build ’em their own self-absorbed edifice elsewhere, and let’s give the good families of the community a really nice thing.

Bill Shepherd


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