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Letter: Roaring Fork area is one of the best places in Colorado

We just returned from a vacation in Glenwood Springs and the surrounding area. I wanted to let your chambers and your leadership know what a great job they’re doing and wanted to compliment the residents of the Roaring Fork Valley. We met a number of nice and helpful people. It was such a nice place that we spent some time looking for a possible retirement residence there.

I’ve spent nearly three decades in the Air Force and now own a few businesses (Rocky Mountain Chocolate). As Johnny Cash would say, “I’ve been everywhere, man.” I’ve visited Colorado Springs (Peterson AFB), Durango, Denver and a few other Colorado locations.

The Roaring Fork area is one of the best places I’ve experienced and the best in your state. You are very fortunate to live there. The scenery, weather, lower pollen count, low humidity, things to do, food and all of the things that make an area great … you got ’em. The independent attitudes and openness were refreshing; the hippies, rednecks, free-thinkers and businesses all seem to get along. People are considerate drivers, the roadways are not filled with trash and business customer service is well above par.

We’ll be back in the winter to see the snow and consider our options. Keep it up, folks, and we’ll see you in January.

Col. (ret) Mike Odom

Madison, Mississippi

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