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Letter: Rodeo season was great

Another great rodeo season has come and gone for the Carbondale Wild West Rodeo and it was huge. Many thanks go out to Mike Kennedy, Melanie Cardiff, Dave Weimer, Tom Harrington and Diane Teague for their outstanding efforts to keep Carbondale’s heritage alive. The rodeo could not happen without it’s volunteers. Folks, everyone out there donates their time to make the rodeo a success. All of the proceeds go to the contestants. Thank you all. I have to thank my good friend Carson Weller, who videotapes all of the rodeos and shows them at the Pour House after the rodeo. The cowboys and cowgirls love to come in and see how they looked in action. Thanks also to our new announcer, Derek Barton, who brings the action to life with his great knowledge of rodeo. Kudos to Carbondale’s public works and rec department for maintaining the arena and grounds so well. Last, but not least, thanks to our fellow sponsors who make the rodeo possible. Without tremendous community support, this event would not be possible. Thanks Carbondale.

Skip Bell

manager, The Pour House


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