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LETTER: Rooting for health care success

I have been a strong supporter of health care reform from the beginning, but thought that greed and politics were always going to get in the way of doing something extraordinary. In 2009, insurance companies were spending $1.4 million per day just to stop any new law.

The rollout process was a disappointment, especially for those who really need to get health insurance. Some Democrats are running away from the controversy, and most Republicans are rooting for failure. In my opinion, the president knew that he only would have one chance to do this, and he did it exactly when he needed to. With a recession of the magnitude we had in 2008, he was aware that he needed to act early in his presidency, so he pushed until the law was signed. It was a priority. If Republicans would have had any intention to do something about our dysfunctional and broken health care system, they had eight years to come up with a plan. President Obama is the first leader in decades that finally reached the goal.

My sister-in-law died in 2011, mainly because she did not have health insurance while seeking new employment. She had a serious warning two weeks before her death but decided not to go to the doctor because she wanted to get health insurance again. She feared the now gone pre-existing condition rule. If this would have happened in 2014, when “pre-existing conditions” will be part of history for everyone, it might have saved her life.

This is one issue that has the potential to help millions of people when they are most vulnerable. Illnesses such as cancer, heart problems, strokes and diabetes affect us all.

The law needs changes, but we need to make sure we do not return to the unfair system we have had for so many years. The obstacles, imperfections and challenges of this reform must be overcome with good will and hard work, not with a campaign of fear and constant obstruction. I am rooting for success, because losing a single human being due to lack of insurance is shameful.

Silvia Barbera

Glenwood Springs

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