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Letter: Rupert exactly what’s needed

Auden Schendler

“Oh, yeah, I know Jen.” That’s what I hear while campaigning for Jen Rupert for the RE-1 school board. Why? Because she has a finger in every cake: martial arts, ski school at Snowmass, a kid in the public schools, soccer games, the hunting and fishing community — I even saw a picture of her on a dirt bike this weekend.

This is exactly what we want in a board member: someone who’s aggressively out in the world talking to people, listening and then using her abundant energy to push hard for change and success.

Your ballots were mailed this week. Even if your children don’t attend public school, or if you don’t have children, or if they’re grown up, you can still help the community, and yourself, by voting for Jen Rupert for RE-1 school board, and for 3B so we have healthy, safe, uncrowded and efficient schools.

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