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Letter: Rupert right for RFSD

Vanessa Anthes

I am writing in support of Jen Rupert for the upcoming school board election. As a valley native and a graduate of Roaring Fork High School, I have seen many changes in the valley and school system over the years. One constant has been the character of the valley and the people who are full of passion, strong work ethic and upstanding moral character, all of which are qualities that Jen embodies. She is determined to pull the gold out of all with whom she comes in contact.

I have known Jen for the past 19 years and have witnessed firsthand countless examples of her leadership and determination, from her training and focus in mastering Soo Bak Do and passing that onto the next generation, her patience with instruction on the mountain in the winter to her compassion and understanding when difficult situations arise and ability to work to find compromise and solutions. Jen has the ability to transform weaknesses into strengths through collaboration and fostering teamwork. Jen isn’t afraid of confrontation or a challenge, and that is why I believe she is the right person for the job, as she has the grit to be engaged for the long haul.

Vote Jen Rupert for Roaring Fork School District, district A and don’t forget to submit your mail-in ballot by Nov. 3.

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