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Letter: Rupert’s remarkable work ethic

I am writing this letter in support of Jen Rupert for Roaring Fork School District School Board. We first met while we were both teaching skiing, and have continued that friendship for over 18 years. Our sons are both third-graders at Basalt Elementary, and they have been very close friends since kindergarten.

She was also my son’s Soo Bahk Do instructor for a couple years. I have always been impressed with Jen’s dedication and commitment that she demonstrates in both her professional and personal life. I always tease her, because I think she accomplishes more in 24 hours than most of us complete in a week, all while having a smile on her face.

I believe she is just the person we want representing us and our children. Her work ethic is remarkable, and she is always there to listen, connect and engage. She has the ability to spark action to create schools in which the next generation will grow to be intelligent, respectful, compassionate, hardworking, loving, fun members of our community.

Vote Jen Rupert for Roaring Fork School District School Board, District A and don’t forget to submit your mail-in ballot by Nov. 3. Remember, this is a mail-in ballot election only.

Kristen Heath


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