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LETTER: Russell doesn’t understand fracking

I read the column about Ms. Russell’s advocacy against fracking. It is obvious that she knows little if anything about the process and the state-by-state regulations.

I have been in the oil industry exploration and producing business for several decades with both a major company and three independents. These companies were involved in operations in several oil and gas producing states.

Fracking has been done since 1949. Many hundreds of thousands of wells have been fracked. There has been no provable detection of ground water pollution by such operations. Horizontal drilling with fracking to crack formations previously not commercial for conventional vertical drilling has given the U.S. enormous amounts of oil and natural gas production. It has enabled us to be far less dependent on foreign oil.

Sadly, particularly for the Western U.S., many prospective areas are on federal lands. Permits take an inordinate amount of time and are arbitrarily delayed. If only those who don’t want any fracking on federal lands would study in detail the operations on private and state lands. Hopefuly, they would become enlightened as to the realities that fracking is safe.

People should be more concerned about the hundreds of thousands of birds killed by the knives on windmills, including endangered species. Surely there are devices that the operators could install to prevent this slaughter. Having lived in West Texas and New Mexico previously, I can only imagine the destruction that these monsters do to the formerly pristine vistas.

Wayne Blankenship Jr.

Kenner, La.

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