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Letter: RVR free-market approach protects health, too

Jim Noyes
Volunteer president, River Valley Ranch HOA Board of Directors, Carbondale

Thank you for Will Grandbois’ article about River Valley Ranch’s plan to reduce trash hauling traffic by 75 percent and pick-up days from five to one. Whether this is accomplished with one or two haulers will depend in large part by the haulers’ responses to the request for bids.

While I think I understand the intent of Trustee Zentmeyer’s quoted statement — “Are we here to protect the health, safety and environment of our community or allow the free market to flourish?” — RVR’s initiative is doing both. It’s not either/or. Having multiple haulers bid on a bulk contract is certainly a free-market approach. Homeowners are customers and this is a customer-driven solution to the unfortunate consequences of the status quo.

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