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Letter: Sad world we live in

Regarding the recent article headlined “Judge blocks horse slaughter plans at Iowa, N.M. plants,” this is so sick.

In this article it states government wants to kill horses, thousands of them, for food for export to feed humans and for zoo animals.

I say no. This country charges too much for a zoo ticket, but if it is not enough to feed them, let them be free. I think the animals would agree a cage is not what they wish to live in for the balance of their lifetime.

Then food for export — sorry, that is beyond my imagination. I know there is a huge amount of starving people in the world. Perhaps our government would be better off spending its funds trying to direct the donations made to charities that feed those people and making sure the money is not embezzled.

Truly the life of an innocent horse or other animal is not the question. It is: Why doesn’t the nation look at what happens to all the donations and why people in charge do not feed the people?

Sad world we have, to say that it is required to kill innocent to cover sins.

Frankie Sanic


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