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Letter: Santa won’t be bringing two presents

Fred Stewart
Grand Junction

A prominent present-day Glenwood attorney broke the news to me when we were kids that “there’s no Santa Claus,” then proceeded to give me the backstory. It’s one of those things one suspects as a kid, and that sort of made it official.

So it is with Glenwood. If and when the new Grand Avenue bridge is built, how amenable will CDOT be in having anything to do with a bypass? Their comment will be, “it was your choice, you already have a new bridge, and for the foreseeable future, no funds will be available for a bypass” (not to mention there is no consensus on a bypass). In other words: “there’s no Santa Claus.”

The thinking in Glenwood is that there’s something for nothing. Right now, step back and make a choice: either a bypass or a bridge, not both. One hundred million isn’t chump change for CDOT or Glenwood, so it ain’t goin’ around twice.

With a little help from Google Earth and SketchUp, a reasonable bypass concept could be put together by those with the skills, and everyone could see any number of bypass alternatives. The decision-making process should work with what’s available and possible and practical and cost effective, etc.

At the point of seeing possibilities, then Glenwood has a bargaining chip. Santa ain’t no pimp.

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