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Letter: Say no to Glenwood Ridge

Glenwood Ridge is a Florida-based developer’s proposed housing development consisting of 413 homes on the east and west sides of lower Four Mile Road. To facilitate this high density development, and secure access to Glenwood City services, the developer is asking the city to annex 506 acres of land currently zoned “rural.”

Citizens of the city spoke loudly and clearly 10 years ago when, by overwhelming popular vote, they rejected annexation of the proposed high density “Red Feather” development on an adjacent property. We could now be faced with the need to repeat this ballot box message to the city.

Citizens expect high density development to occur within the city’s core. Otherwise they wish to preserve the tranquil nature of rural wildlife corridors like Four Mile. In fact, the preservation of small-town character has been citizens’ highest and most prevalent concern when asked about the desired future of their city.

In a meeting before the Planning and Zoning Commission, the developer’s traffic analysis indicates that Glenwood Ridge would essentially double the traffic now flowing through the Four Mile/Midland intersection. This, a major inconvenience to all residing on Midland’s side streets, means your bike rides on Midland/Four Mile will become much more dangerous and infinitely less pleasurable.

Further, the city’s analysis indicates that already today there are several serious traffic infrastructure inadequacies between Four Mile and Highway 82 that the additional traffic would make worse and which the city lacks funds to address without borrowing.

And while money can solve some of these traffic problems, what it cannot solve is the loss of our quality of life in one of our major recreation corridors. For those who use Midland/Four Mile for family recreation, those days could be gone.

Glenwood Ridge proposes 413 homes. At four people each that’s 1,652 people, an increase of 17 percent in the city’s population. We’ll need more police, fire, schools and likely more taxes. Is this small-town character?

Glenwood Ridge is half the people in Silt; let’s not put a city in the middle of the country.

Michael Larime

Glenwood Springs

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