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Letter: Secure the borders

Clint Mclelland

In response to a letter about Syrian refugees, I agree with the person from Carbondale. It would only take one of the refugees to hurt a lot of Coloradans. And shame on Hickenlooper for not being one of governors who said, ”Let’s take a look at how we are checking their backgrounds,” but I feel this should go even further.

We need to secure our southern borders, we really don’t know who’s coming into our country. I speak to a lot people who live here and they say it’s a major concern to them we can’t take everybody. Hickenlooper allowed the Obama administration to sneak thousands of undocumented people into our state.

Can presidential candidate Hillary Clinton even run for office when she has a active FBI probe going on about her emails? The privileged don’t go by the same set of rules that we have to abide.

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