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LETTER: Seek out the facts on sage-grouse

The greater sage grouse is a magnificent species; as are all the creatures that make Colorado a wondrous place to live. Colorado Parks and Wildlife, along with many ranchers, water interests, industries and counties and towns, with representatives in the Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado (AGNC), have been implementing habitat protection for the greater sage grouse since 2008. This has resulted in several thousand acres of protected critical range for the birds on public, private and leased lands. This collaboration shows the innovation of our northwest Colorado neighbors.

Enter the feds, with EPA requirements for Land Use Plan based on a National Technical Team (NTT) that ignores all the work done by our best advocates of wildlife, local experts.

The NTT recommends a No Surface Occupancy zone of four miles around any lek (grouse breeding ground). That means no grazing or stock watering; no recreation; no bicycles; no people or animals; no use of any structures. The NTT further commented that all local input be kept within the confines of the NTT study. Recent local press stories revealed internal memos saying that the 3 percent and 5 percent disturbance caps are out of line with BLM’s recommendations of 30 percent to 50 percent. What if your home were in one of these zones. Please seek out the facts, and see that the best alternative for protecting wildlife is to look for caring solutions that are “Made in Colorado.” That last quote I borrowed.

Frank Breslin,

New Castle

Member, AGNC

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