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Letter: Sen.-elect Gardner, let’s cut carbon

Congratulations to Rep. Cory Gardner, and welcome to the Senate. Now more than ever, our country needs leaders who can unite the people toward a common vision that addresses our current economic and ecological realities.

As a volunteer for Citizens Climate Lobby, I look forward to working with Sen.-elect Gardner, as well as with Rep. Scott Tipton in the Third District, to curb carbon pollution and to ensure that the U.S. economy will prosper for decades to come.

The most promising policy is carbon fee and dividend. It is hailed by conservative economists as a simple, no-nonsense approach consistent with free market principles. The fee is collected when fossil fuels come out of the ground, and 100 percent of revenues return to American households. Mr. Gardner, I trust you will rise to the occasion, and I look forward to meeting you and your staff.

Amelia Potvin


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