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Letter: Senseless legislative action

Andy Wiessner

Who in their right mind would want more teen pregnancies in Colorado? Yet that is now likely, thanks to three state senators who voted last week to kill Colorado’s extremely successful “LARC” (long-acting reversible contraceptives) program.

Since this voluntary program was started six years ago, LARC has reduced teenage pregnancies by 40 percent and avoided thousands of abortions that might otherwise have occurred.

LARC costs taxpayers $5 million per year, but saves more than $25 million per year in Medicaid and other government assistance to unwed and low-income mothers.

In my 30 years of living in Colorado, this is one of the most senseless actions our Legislature has taken. How ironic that the same people who oppose abortion also oppose the birth control that prevents it. I hope the Post Independent editorializes for restoration of LARC.

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