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Letter: Seriously, Mr. Kirchenwitz?

Now you must share your opinion on Silt businesses? You don’t seem to understand Silt. The “two restaurants in town have gone out of business” because the town is installing “Carbondale curbs?” One of “the two restaurants” was nowhere near the redevelopment area and was open for less than a year. The other had curbside parking for about one car and used off-street parking that still exists.

The “remaining bar/cafe” that you think will benefit from the improvements has the most disruption at the moment. It is not a “bar/cafe,” but the acclaimed Miner’s Claim Restaurant that has existed in Silt for about 14 years with the same owner and chef. I can’t come up with many others in the Valley that can say that. I was fortunate enough to be there the night your letter was published. Street parking was full (in the construction zone) and the restaurant near capacity at 8:15 p.m. I can attest that the individuals came from many communities beyond Silt.

Businesses that close in a short time or are struggling do not contribute to the tax base of a community. Certainly the street improvements will benefit Miner’s Claim and the other solid businesses in that zone, and they in turn will pay more revenues to the town.

As far as “pot tourism,” I don’t live in the town, so have no opinion. You don’t live there, either. I will continue to support the businesses with which I currently do business.

Over the years I have wondered, perhaps too often, how much fact versus how much opinion your letters contained. Now I know.

Larry W. Sweeney


— This letter was in response to another Letter to the Editor from Sept. 10.

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