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Letter: She supports Sanders

I have long been an unaffiliated voter, fed up with both parties, voting for the lesser of two evils. I exercise my right to vote, but it has felt fruitless.

This year I am hopeful for the first time. Another independent voter was waiting for someone good to step forward for our country. When no one else would, he realized that he would have to do it himself. So, he is running for president.

His name is Bernie Sanders.

Bernie cares about people. I have two sisters who live in Burlington, Vermont. They both absolutely love him. He’s been in Congress a long time, and has never run a dirty campaign.

Bernie is honest. He won’t make campaign promises and not follow through. He has strong convictions and won’t waffle on issues. Even his opponents admit that he is truthful.

Bernie has great ideas — free public colleges, increased health care for everyone, raising the minimum wage, helping our veterans and creating more jobs. Plus, he has designed ways to pay for these things by taxing Wall Street and asking wealthy people to go back to paying their fair share of taxes.

Bernie is serious about addressing climate change, fixing our criminal justice system and getting big money out of politics. He wants an improved economy, equal pay for women, compassionate immigration reform, and diplomacy before war. To learn more, go to http://www.BernieSanders.com. This is also the safest place to donate to his campaign.

In order to get on all ballots, Bernie had to register with a party. Next he has to be nominated. I hope you will help him.

To help, please register as a Democrat before the end of this year. Then, attend the caucus. If Bernie can be a Democrat, I can do it too. If the Democratic platform actually matches some if his ideas, I might even remain one. To register or to change your party affiliation, go to http://www.GoVoteColorado.com.

I am so grateful to Bernie for choosing to run. I think he would be a once-in-a-lifetime president.

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