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Letter: Sheer stupidity

As an avid shooter I feel compelled to defend myself and others who pursue the shooting sports responsibly and safely. Regarding the current fire above basalt that was allegedly started by persons shooting tracer rounds at the Basalt shooting range in direct defiance of the stage 2 fire restrictions, what were you thinking shooting flaming bullets in an area so dry and populous?

What kind of an idiot would do this! Now, it can be assumed that anyone shooting is a potential arsonist. I would love to be out on the range right now with some friends, but we all know it is simply too dry to pursue our sport.

A citation is far too lenient for what you have wrought, charges should be filed, and might still be depending on the eventual damages, you should be jailed for a few days and be forced to watch a live feed of our public and private lands as they burn up.

I can not imagine the horrors facing people as they are forced to leave their homes due to your stupidity. I hope and pray that everyone in harms way makes it to a safe place. Praise for the firefighters and emergency crews as they battle a senseless fire on this 4th of July.

Gary Kirchberg

New Castle

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