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Letter: Show up to support Carbondale hostel

On Tuesday, the Carbondale Board of Trustees will again discuss the future use of the former library building on Fourth Street. One of the proposals is mine to turn it into a hostel in association with Hostelling International USA. The purpose of The Carbondale Hostel will be to provide an inexpensive place to stay in Carbondale for brief periods of time for domestic and foreign travelers, both young and old.

By associating with Hostelling International USA, The Carbondale Hostel will benefit from being listed in its worldwide network of hostels. In addition to both men’s and women’s bunk rooms, changes to the building would probably include enlarged restrooms, showers, a laundry, kitchen, storage, a few private rooms and an outdoor patio.

Hostelling International USA recommends that pricing of hostel lodging be one half or less of the lowest standard motel rates. In Carbondale hostel rates would therefore be in the range of $30 or $40 a night, with lesser rates for groups. The Carbondale Hostel would be managed 24/7 by me and others hired by me.

If you think that a hostel would be a good new use for the old library building and would be good for Carbondale in general, please consider supporting the idea by showing up and by speaking up at the Carbondale Board of Trustees meeting in the evening on Tuesday, at Town Hall at 4th Street and Colorado Avenue. Only strong public support will assure the existence of The Carbondale Hostel.

Jim Breasted


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