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Letter: Sick of CDOT whining and applauding itself

For those of you evidently amazed with the comments made on the environmental impact meeting — you have simply not been listening. Those of you who allude to Citizens to Save Grand Avenue “stuffing” anything — thanks for the laugh — there is a back story, but simply — just didn’t happen. There were old and new voices repeating the same things that have been stated to deaf ears. Insulted that there were people speaking who were not informed? Maybe they didn’t agree to drink CDOT Kool-Aid, but does that make them uninformed? I am also totally frustrated that no CDOT representative ever was asked to stop talking at 3 minutes. The meeting demanded by citizens at the community center pictured as a CDOT meeting — CDOT droned on and on, once again hijacking time meant for citizens to express opinions.

This project is a regional project and will have consequences to this area for a damn sight more than 3 minutes.

What a bright idea — to have a regional transportation planning group. I and others have been saying that for years. In fact, there was agreement (including from City Council members present) at the Peppo Nino meeting that such a group would be formed. Never happened despite the fact that many really brilliant community members stepped up. The bridge only turned into a “regional” bridge very recently when CDOT claimed to need money.

As for the bypass, who knows whether there is money or not? No plan therefore no dollar estimates. No plan because there is no council with political will to begin this conversation named as a solution in several city “studies.”

I am sick that CDOT applauds itself in regard to a 20-mile passage through Glenwood Canyon and then whines about not being able to figure this 4-mile bypass out. Oh, poor CDOT — yet another complete misstatement — hurt Joe Elsen and CDOT? No.

It is about demanding a solution to the real problem. Many of those who are speaking are not against a bridge, but this bridge, this CDOT project that is not Glenwood’s community project. Give me a break.

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