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LETTER: Silt could expand tax base by allowing pot businesses

Ain’t it funny how people say they want something but then do just the opposite? Case in point: Silt’s economic expansion plan to draw in new business and expand its tax base. While Mayor Moore is busy tearing up the main drag to install Carbondale curbs the two restaurants in town have gone out of business. Now that may help the one remaining bar/cafe in Silt but it surely won’t help the tax base.

Another tax killer is Moore and Trustee Taylor’s refusal to allow any recreational pot businesses in town. They both spout some half-baked reasons for their refusal to follow the will of the voters.

The real reason is a false sense of moral superiority thoroughly mixed with a lot of ignorance and misconceptions.

Businesses that cater to marijuana tourism in Denver are already seeing a vast increase in people wanting to vacation here. There are only two states out of 50 that will allow tourists to smoke pot starting next year. Last I checked, more tourists float everyone’s boats.

Maybe Moore and Taylor suffer from the religious belief that their bodies are temples. That’s a nice personal choice, but I and millions of potential visitors think of our bodies more like a rec room.

And the Lord said, “Thou shalt not make money in the temple. Thou shalt use the rec room.” St. Bruno, chap.2, vs.3.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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