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Letter: Silt isn’t fertile ground for pot

I’m writing to thank Joyce Gornick, Patricia McClure and Doug Stahl for the great parenting tips they provided at the Planning and Zoning meeting in Silt on March 3. I had no idea it was my job to educate my children on the potential dangers of drugs. Never occurred to me. I’m glad I was told in such a condescending manner. I’m sure the rest of the room felt the same way.

Let me tell you why we were there: To protect the integrity of our children’s hometown. To show our children that our voices matter. Their voices matter. To teach our children that government is by the people, for the people. And that people working for the government don’t just get to do anything they want. The meeting room at Town Hall was full of amazing parents. Last thing we needed was a lesson in parenting. I think the P&Z needs some lessons in common courtesy.

As for the men wanting to put in a cultivation facility, I’ve got an idea for them. If they’re interested in growing things, how about fruits and veggies? Open a little farmers market right there in the middle of town. We don’t have a place to buy produce in Silt. This idea, as opposed to a wholesale cultivation facility, would monetarily benefit the town and provide a much needed service to residents.

Now, I’m sure they’ll say it’s too hard to become organically certified, or it’s too much work, or the building isn’t made for that. They’ve been pretty adamant so far that growing pot is very difficult. Lots of regulations to follow. And if they can grow pot plants in there, why can’t they grow lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli and more? At least Marco Dehm will be able to tell his children what he does for a living.

We already have two stores in town. I don’t think we want Silt put on the map because of marijuana. It’s time to think outside the bong.

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