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Letter: Slow down in the canyon

I am compelled to respond to Cheryl Cain’s letter to the editor. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one concerned with the dividing cones that are knocked over in the construction zone of the canyon. It seems ludicrous to me that drivers aren’t more careful. I do know this construction zone is better than it was in previous years, thanks to CDOT workers’ voices and the federal government requiring this small regulation from the contractors conducting the extensive work in the canyon.

However, if you wish to put blame anywhere, I would look first at the original design of the interstate through the canyon. Notice there is nowhere for emergency vehicles, stalled vehicles or snowplows to safely pull over. Please. Notice. Notice the numerous, blind curves that conceal traffic, accidents and emergency vehicles from oncoming traffic. Please. Notice.

The next culprit is speed. Notice the speed of vehicles traveling through the canyon, even in construction zones. Notice the road workers putting their lives in danger as cars and large trucks speed past them, knocking cones down. Please. Notice.

I am married to a CDOT worker who takes great pride in his work and that particular stretch of road. When the road is damaged or someone is hurt on “his road,” he takes it personally. For you to heartlessly say he or any of his fellow CDOT works did not mourn the loss of lives in the canyon is false. My husband mourned with the rest of the Glenwood community, as did his fellow workers. What you don’t notice is the dedication of these men and women who work on this dangerous stretch of road, throughout the year, no matter the weather, so that truckers can make their deliveries, tourists can see either side of the canyon and loved ones can travel to and from their homes.

Please remove the blame from these hardworking people who put safety first so that they, too, can go home to their loved ones. Notice the real culprits are design, speed and distracted drivers. Please, everyone, slow down.

Charmaine Boudreaux

Glenwood Springs

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