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Letter: Slow down while driving through parking lots

The threat is inevitable with the onset of traffic. My life was drastically changed by a driver who felt it was more important to get to the grocery store before the sale was over, than to think about the lives of the pedestrians who were moving about the parking lot.

Silly me, I just happened to be walking across a (one-way) drive-up window of the local espresso shop in the Rite Aide parking lot when an ugly lime green Jeep just barely grazed my right thigh. I thought to myself how peculiar as I began cussing at him violently.

I was thinking to myself, “How dare he drive at speeds of 25 mph where pedestrians, motorists and innocent workers such as myself perform our daily duties such as, I don’t know, living and breathing, and just wanting to survive this crazy world of pretentious motorists. A parking lot should be safe at 5 to 10 mph (mph means miles per hour to you speed junkies who don’t know any better).

I know it is hard to keep your pedal off the metal, but think of this: “What if it was your son or daughter who had become the preventable victim of an accident that could have been avoided by just slowing down (in a parking lot of all places)? l have to add that I have seen commercial vehicles such as UPS speeding past as well. I have reported them to the local authorities.

So if your route is in the Rite Aide parking lot you might want to rethink your speed as I will contact the authorities as soon as I see the deed going down. If you read this please be advised that you might show up on YouTube, Facebook, or any number of social sites, but the worst would be showing up on an episode of Cops filmed before a live studio audience of clapping Doritos-stained hands.

Jeff Boutwell


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