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Letter: Small employers back clean energy

Tim Gaudette
Denver, Colorado Outreach Manager, Small Business Majority

This week’s article “Let’s stop making false choices on energy,” highlights how divisive and politicized the issue of energy has become. This disunity not only hurts our energy resource needs, it also ignores the opinions of the economy’s No. 1 job creators – small employers.

Since 2010, we’ve polled small employers on clean energy policies and found consistent and broad support. Small business owners view common-sense energy policies, like the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Clean Power Plan, as essential in addressing the threat of climate change while bolstering small businesses and unleashing new economic opportunities.

Specifically, the EPA’s proposal will help small businesses and the economy by spurring innovation and investment in low and no-carbon technologies, helping create new energy infrastructure and energy efficiency technologies, and mitigate the effects of climate change and extreme weather events that are wreaking havoc on small firms by reducing carbon emissions.

As policymakers move forward in implementing clean energy policies, it’s important they understand the small business perspective so employers’ unique needs and interests are addressed. Small business owners are pragmatic, not ideological. And contrary to a long-held misconception, small businesses are not reflexively anti-government. But they want government to understand their needs and respond in a constructive manner — and then act on it.

Instead of falsely perpetuating our energy resource needs as a partisan issue, our elected officials should work to reframe it as an economic issue, and focus on adopting policies that will help propel small business, the economy and the environment forward.

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