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Letter: Smith gets money from mineral rights

Recently a letter from Michelle Smith was published that commended our county commissioners for taking care of the royalty owners in Battlement Mesa.

I would like to put forth a few facts about Ms. Smith. For 30 years, she has been a landman for the oil and gas industry. This means that she earns money by taking a piece of the income from the actual mineral owners.

She actually lives in Elbert County, and you may have seen her on television touting her organic goat farm. She has no wells drilled on her farm, and I sure would not purchase any “organic” goats from her if she had.

I know that there were mineral owners who have been holding the gas company, Ursa’s, feet to the fire to protect Battlement Mesa.

My wish is that Garfield County would have commissioners at the helm who have the ability to balance the health of our citizens who live here with the need for the natural gas and oil across the country.

Mary Ellen Denomy

Battlement Mesa

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