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Letter: Some thoughts on Independence Day

Edward Snowden should be leading a parade in Philadelphia while being recognized for the brave patriot that he is, instead of being holed up trying to find a country to go to that the United States government doesn’t control.

The folks that should be worrying about prosecution (and tar and feathers) should be our U.S. senators and congresspeople who have allowed our Constitution to be so subverted as to allow government employees to spy on, imprison and assassinate U.S. citizens without due process.

The people who are worried about losing their ability to buy ammunition clips that hold more than 15 bullets should worry more about the loss of our very precious constitutional rights (amendments 1, 4 and 6 come to mind). When they kick in your door because they “suspect” you may be a threat (the no knock law, thanks to Richard Nixon) you’ll be lucky to get off one or two shots anyway.

Where are the people that were so “outraged” when they found out Facebook and Google were sharing their information? Pay attention to the real problem. Those individuals we have put in power to uphold the Constitution are so bought and paid for that our well-being is the furthest thing from their mind. It’s obvious they’re only trying to protect their “phony baloney” jobs. How else can you explain the fact that the government has been unlawfully collecting all personal data on every single American citizen with no accountability?

The next time you answer the telephone say hello to whomever is “secretly” listening in, tell them what you think of them and ask them to pass your thoughts on to your senator and congressperson.

Let Freedom Ring.

Stanley Trulock

Sheila Markowitz

Glenwood Springs

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