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Letter: Speed up canyon travel

The pilot car process of leading cars through Glenwood Canyon has been slow and inefficient. What CDOT needed to do was allow eastbound traffic to go through on even hours and westbound on odd hours. That way you would only wait 1 hour at either end, max. Or even on half-hour intervals. Top of the hour, eastbound. Bottom of the hour, westbound.

CDOT was only moving traffic out of place for about 4 miles, but you wait 3 hours to transit 4 miles.

My life is on one side of the canyon and my job on the other side. If you take an 8-hour day and add a 3-hour commute to and a 3-hour commute on the other end, you have no sleep or family time. And then having to leave early as your job doesn’t start till 4. It boils down to I get to see the family and sleep in about 3-4 hours. Or just stay on the other end in a hotel and coming back on a day off.

It is not CDOT’s fault it happened, but the agency could speed up the process.

Rich Passey

Glenwood Springs

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