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Letter: Spring cleanup frustration

What if the residents of Glenwood Springs were asked their opinion on how they would like to spend $134,918.65? What if that money could go toward our summer concerts, or pedestrian and bicycle paths? The 2014 Spring Cleanup cost the city $134,918.65. The cost for cleanup in 2015 was $120,684.96. The cost for equipment and trucks for 2015 was $64,160.00 Total wages for staff was $29,596.98. Diesel fuel expense was $3,821.71.

I have watched with disgust, year after year, the trash start piling up in front of people’s homes in January and remain long after the “spring cleanup” is over. The ritual of the out-of-towners’ drive-by dumping has already begun. Every year I get to see smashed TVs, glass and gross mattresses strewn in the streets. I called to beg officials to abort this ritual and was told that City Council would not consider discontinuing what has become an eyesore and health hazard in our neighborhoods.

The cost of this cleanup comes from the general fund that could go for some amazing projects.

Why can’t we stop this? What if people paid to use the landfill and haul it themselves? What a concept. Boycott the cleanup and talk to council. Imagine the money we could save to spend on something wonderful for Glenwood Springs.

Margaret Wear

Glenwood Springs

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