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Letter: Stein is RFSD’s starting QB

I read a press release this morning which stated the school board will discuss extending Diana Sirko’s contract as superintendent. I was surprised to read this. As most people will recall, she got the position as a stand-in for Rob Stein, who was hired for the position but had to leave after one month to tend to his wife who suffered a serious brain injury in a bicycle accident.

The common perception was she would fill in until Stein’s wife recovered enough that he could resume his position, or if not, someone else could be found. Sirko has done a fine job leading the district in the interim. Stein’s wife has recovered well, and Stein has worked under Sirko for the last year or so.

Rob Stein is our starting quarterback. He stepped down because his wife was seriously injured. The back-up came in and did an admirable job. But the man we recruited, after a lengthy search, is back. He deserves to regain his starting position.

David Teitler


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