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LETTER: Sterling’s comments should be protected under 1st Amendment

I am devastated by what appears to be our culture’s acceptance of the destruction of Mr. Sterling’s life and livelihood for his racist opinions.

And that is all it is. He did not even publish his remarks. They were private.

Consequently, as a society we have absolutely destroyed the critical constitutional concept (1st Amendment) of free speech in this country. Now, even pillow talk has become a treacherous pastime. Think about that. An estranged spouse (or less) merely publishes the fact that his/her ex-love is racist and bam, his/her life is destroyed. That is the upshot of our acquiescence to the treatment of Mr. Sterling by a 90-day wonder-twit named Silver who saw a huge opportunity to make his bones as NBA commissioner in one fell swoop.

To add insult to injury, there is scuttlebutt that Mr. Sterling was set up by a powerful money group headed by Magic Johnson who wants to buy the Clippers. How cool was this for them? How much was sweetie paid for that tape? When you consider the detail of Silver’s “proclamation” regarding management of the team denied to Mr. Silver, the rumor seems quite credible.

What happened to my right to be a racist if I would so choose? Remember life in America before 2009 when we could say, “ I vehemently disagree with him but will defend to the death his right to say it?” No exceptions except shouting “fire” in a crowded theater?

Democrats have transformed this country, alright.

Thanks for listening.

Bob Richardson


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