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LETTER: Stick to what you know, Hoffman

I read with tepid interest the grossly inaccurate comments made about me by Free Press opinion columnist Jim Hoffman, in his column which published Nov. 22. Since he threw out the old “perception is reality” line, let’s talk about that.

The “perception” from those who know Hoffman’s writing is that he’s simply another liberal who goes out of his way to attack anyone who fails to conform to his progressive new world disorder. A good example of that was the middle school reporting he did concerning the county commissioners and the riverfront.

The “reality” of my perception of him will come when he reveals whether or not he has the integrity to report my PAC’s next Secretary of State filing. I wonder if Mr. Hoffman has the courage to truly be the ethics watchdog on this? Can he be accountable, transparent and report the facts even when it means exposing his premises as being false?

If that 32.4% start-up cost reimbursed to me is considerably lower in the next report (hint: it will be), I expect him to report that with the same enthusiasm (but hopefully with greater accuracy) that he displayed in this story, in which he carelessly attempted to trash me. Irresponsible comments like “the perception may be that he (Senator King) is using his PAC for personal benefit” cannot go unchallenged. Having a public platform, like a newspaper column, is not a license to make false accusations. If Hoffman wishes to publicly accuse me of committing a crime, then I would strongly suggest that he have more than just his questionable “perceptions” of legitimate and duly reported expenditures to back himself up.

Otherwise, perhaps he could save himself a lot of embarrassment by sticking to writing about topics he understands, like skiing, camping and fishing.

Colorado State Sen. Steve King

Grand Junction

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