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Letter: Stop bashing oil and gas

Sean Berry

I would like to respond to the response from Stacey Linman about my seemingly tongue-in-cheek diatribe, as she called it. First off, I never said the oil and gas industry was perfect, and I am sure you would hear many other industry persons say the same thing. The industry is constantly working on better ways to have less of an impact on the environment, contrary to the anti-fracking rhetoric we constantly hear. Do we have mishaps such as spills, mechanical failures, human errors etc.? Of course. Tell me of one industry that doesn’t.

Something else that truly amazes me is how “fracking” has become a word that is associated with anything the oil and gas industry does these days, a truck hauling water its called fracking, a work-over rig is called a fracking rig, a lease operator taking care of a well pad is fracking personnel. Well, fracking is the process that takes place on a well’s completion, nothing more, or if a well is recompleted. Yes, we use water. So does agriculture, which uses millions more gallons of water than the oil and gas industry, and yes, we inject it into the earth from where it originated.

And finally, Linman’s comment on solar and wind calling it never ending. Well, these, like oil and gas are not a constant, and it takes chemicals, open pit mines (silica which is a very toxic carcinogenic), deforestation and use of more land than required by a natural gas well. No energy source is possible without the other, that’s a simple fact.

Every energy source has just as much of an environmental impact as the others, they just have different effects. We have to learn to be stewards of our natural resources and work together on positive solutions that are actually feasible. But calling the oil and gas industry the causes of all the earth’s environmental issues is not only absurd, but ignorant. I always hear the anti-fracking groups bashing the oil and gas industry, but never see any of them trying to work with the industry to improve or develop safer ways.

I encourage you to go educate yourselves on all the industries — oil and gas, solar, wind, hydro, nuclear, coal and thermal — and you will see that they all have their flaws and adverse environmental impacts. Humans are ever-evolving and developing, but man will not be the cause of the earth’s destruction. We are more likely to be wiped out by a reckless meteor or the sun exploding.

Is that an arrogant comment? Sure, but no more arrogant than those comments made by those who bash the oil and gas industry.

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