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LETTER: Straightening Four Mile curve would exacerbate traffic problems

My thanks to Trési Houpt’s letter on Nov. 11 for giving me the push I needed to also respond regarding the oil and gas traffic we want stopped on Four Mile Road and surrounding areas. What do we have to do to get you to stop it?

I have lived on this corner of Meadow Wood Road and Four Mile for 23 years and know from experience what the effect will be if you straighten out the curve near Black Diamond Road. As it is now, drivers use the moderately straight road from Dry Park Road to the Assisted Living Home as a speeding area and to pass even though it is a no passing zone. I usually have a “train” behind me coming up Four Mile on my way home because everyone is driving over 35 mph. I have had automobiles pass me as soon as I have started up Four Mile Road before the Fire Station; after we have passed Four Mile Ranch Subdivision before the Bershenyi curve and the Four Mile Creek Dip; and even right before I have had a chance to signal I am turning left into my driveway. My lawn care providers pulling a trailer signaling they are turning left have nearly been hit by someone trying to pass them, too.

It is downhill all the way from Sunlight Ski Area, and the curve is the only thing that slows the traffic down at that point. They speed up again and have gone through the white fence numerous times at the Red Barn on the west side of the road. Are you willing or do you have the money it will take to hire more traffic policeman in order to keep Four Mile Road safe if you straighten out the curve? It is already bad enough.

Cecilia Hadley

Glenwood Springs

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